Penis Extender

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Being completely painless, 100% safe, and results are lasting! Imagine a weight trainer lifting a weight. As he does so, with progressively heavier weights, he stretches and trains the muscles he is lifting with. This causes small micro tears and cell duplications to occur along the muscle. As the muscle heals, it becomes larger, firmer and holds more blood as it gets bigger.

Penis traction devices work in a similar way. By simply attaching the device to your penis, it supplies a steady, constant and gentle stretch along the Corpora Cavernosa (the part of the penis that holds blood during erections).

This gentle, painless stretching causes the cells within the Corpora Cavernosa to pull away and split. Just like muscle building, during the cell healing process, healthy new cells are created, allowing your penis to become larger. Meaning you will enjoy bigger and harder erections!

Tips: This device can be used any time of the day for various time intervals. Wear it under your boxers during work or when you sleep at night.

Exercise Schedule Traction Tension Usage Time Per Day:

Week 1-1 hr

Week 2-2 hrs

Week 3-3 hrs

Week 4-4hrs

Week 5-5 hrs

Week 6-6hrs